The president's words

Biodiversity is the richness of our planet.
Environnement protection is absolutely necessary and obviously it's easier to correctly protect what we well know!
Fungi, by their number and functions, are an essential part of the living nature.
The Aphyllophorales (old order without any phylogenetic or taxonomic value) gather traditionnaly - and mainly conveniently- together fungi without gills like corticioid fungi and polypores, to whom we have added the clavarioid, hydnoid and heterobasidious ones and the gasteromycetes. Most of them are saprophytic fungi of lignous substrates and are actively involved in the dead wood recycling process, very often in association with saproxylic insects. Some of them are parasitic or mycorrhizal ones.
The aim of Aphyllophiles is to promote the field research, the study, the sharing of information, the diffusion of knowledge, event organisation, the formation, the participation in research programs, the publication of articles, the acquisition of documents and materials and, generally, anything that could facilitate the improvement of fungi knowledge, particularly of Aphyllophorales, their protection, knowledge and preservation of their habitats.
Each year Aphyllophiles organises an aphyllophorales congress during which european mycologists interested in Aphyllophorales meet up.The association edites "Rhizomorphes", a newsletter among its members.

It's website is, in part, for members only for what concerns the internal workings of the APHYLLOPHILES association. A membership form is available on the left tab of each page. Pages available to the public offer information on the activities of the association, the results of the members' work, original species descriptions, illustrations, identification keys.

We deliberately excluded a forum from this website because there are already dozens elsewhere. Our hope is that the content of this website sensitize the public to this group of fungi and some visitors will find a sufficient interest to join us, improve their skills  and become enamored as ourselves ...
The current président :
Bernard Rivoire