About us

You will find on that page some information about the activities of the association and its members.


The association currently counts 46 members from the 11 following countries : Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France (including Mauritius), Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal and Switzerland.
Most of these mycologists (amateur or professional) are part of Europe's largest specialists in the study of "Aphyllophorales".


The aim of Aphyllophiles is to promote the field research, the study, the sharing of information, the diffusion of knowledge, event organisation, the formation, the participation in research programs, the publication of articles, the acquisition of documents and proper materials and, generally, anything that could facilitate the improvement of fungi knowledge, particularly of all the "Aphyllophorales" in their boradest sense, including their protection thanks to the knowledge and preservation of their habitats.


Each year Aphyllophiles organises an "Aphyllophorales" congress during which european mycologists interested in "Aphyllophorales" meet up.The association edites "Rhizomorphes", a newsletter among its members. (Titles available here)

Recent meetings

25th "Aphyllophorales" congress - Hyères (Var, France) - 9th to 16th november 2013
24th "Aphyllophorales" congress - Prénovel (Jura, France) - 9th to 16th september 2012
23th "Aphyllophorales" congress - Terrou (Lot, France) - 22th to 29th october 2011
The next congress, the 26th of the name, will be held in Autrans (Isère, France) from 6th to 13th september 2014